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Bijna al mijn geld heb ik opgemaakt aan drank, vrouwen en snelle wagens - de rest heb ik gewoon verbrast.
I spent a lot of money on booze, birds (women) and fast cars. The rest I just squandered," (George Best)

Me making webcam gallery page

Me making webcam gallery page

I am born in the Netherlands, in Delft, a city with 100.000 inhabitants, situated between Rotterdam and The Hague.
It's the city where another Willem, William of Orange, the Father of my country, was killed 10 july 1584 by some french guy,
and where he famous Delft blue is made, the only blue I made is the smoke out of my two stroke motorcycles.
Now I live in Berkel, a small village near Delft and Rotterdam.
It's very quiet here, the Police doesn't have cars, they still ride on a pig
like they used to do in the middle ages.

The Netherlands is very full, to many people live here, there is so many people here
the police can not manage to put all the drug smugglers to jail, If they catch you here at the airport
with 3 kilograms of Cocaine, worth 150,000 Euro's, they only take the cocaine and send you away and wonder why all Cocaine
smugglers want to come to Amsterdam.
On the other hand, they have plenty of time to put people in jail who are caught
shopping without a shopping basket, 4 policemen come to a shop to arrest a man who was in a hurry
to buy some beef and he did not want to carry the beef in a shopping basket.
He was put in Jail for half an hour and got a 130 Euro fine.
So if you ever want to come to Holland and are planning to shop without a basket, don't
forget to take 3 kilo's of cocaine with you without risk, if you sell it and you are caught shopping without a basket
you can pay the fine with the profit you made importing the cocaine, perhaps there is some profit left to eat in a good restaurant.
Not a to expensive restaurant because since the Eurodollar came prices are skyhigh although all the blind fXckers in the government deny this fact.

"MakkeBeer" (quiet/sedate bear) is my nickname, I'm quite tall and very quiet and I look like a giant teddy bear, that's why.
Pierre, the best bartender I know, my girlfriend, me and Mark

Pierre, the best bartender I know, my girlfriend Corrine, me and Mark

The best food money can buy

The best food money can buy

"De pens" (the Guts) is another nickname given to me by my friends from the Fitness centre, this is because I eat a lot of
snacks, Fast food, like hamburgers, sate, kroketten and most of all: Broodjes fricandel

The best fastfood available built this body

My famous Belly, But hey, I already have a nice girlfriend
She likes it because she uses it as a soft pillow,
at the picture above the food which built this you can see how Corrine holds it gently.

My profession is developing database systems, software and assembling and selling computer systems.
Although lots of people in computer business think a tie is required for good results,
I always refused to wear one because it's of no use and I think a tie is not comfortable.
It cuts off the oxygen transport to your brain so don't rely on people who wear a tie.
Prins Claus, the husband of our Queen, took off his tie in public and said it's of no use.
I know that already all my life.
Sometimes I try to make some money at the Stockmarket but so far I haven't had much luck with it.

Things I like very much:
1 My Freedom and independence
2 Fastfood like hamburgers, whoppers from Burger king or Hungry Jack's, I'm not very fond of McD.
3 Going to Scheveningen with my girlfriend and drinking Bacardi-Cola's with friends.
Out in Scheveningen

Mark, Jan, me, Michel, Peter and Eef, new years eve '96

Out in Scheveningen

Me, Corrine and two nice girls we met in summer '96

Out in Scheveningen

Cheryl, me, Corrine, Marjolein and Bir in October '98

4 Old stuff like old radio's, mopeds, motorcycles and cars, on this page there
are pictures of some of the cars I had or still have, as you can see I like big wide and low cars
with big high power engines, the bigger the better, a good big car uses at least 25 liters gas for 100 kilometers. (1 liter on 4 kilometers)

On a '63 berini at KAUWE KLAUWE treffen '97

On a '63 berini at KAUWE KLAUWE treffen '97

Restoration of a '48 Chrysler New Yorker

Restoration of Q's '48 Chrysler New Yorker

5 Pets, although they are gone now.

POMMETJE, my cat, here at the age of 18

POMMETJE, my cat, here at the age of 18

My dog, does this dog look like his owner or what?

My dog, did this dog look like his owner or what?

Me and my pets, in '96

Three of a kind, in '96

Some things I don't like:
1 Football, I even hate to see it on t.v.
2 Cheese, I think it's a kind of rotten milk, at least it smells like it.
3 Narrow minded people who want to force others to obey their rules.
4 Too many rules with no use.
This is why I hate the Europe community euphoria, more rules with no use and more taxes to pay.
I think this Europe thing will bring us shiploadings of shit and maybe a very little profit.
More than 100 years ago we had a fight with the French, Napoleon, later we had a fight with
the Germans, now we let them rule our country, I don't think they give a shit about Holland or Dutch business.
In Brussels, the EC capital, they have better things to do, like making rules for dimensions of bananas,
find out ridiculous laws which forbid to repair your car or motorcycle yourself.
And most of all, think how they can put as much money as possible of the money we pay into their private purses.
5 Politicians who tell us to drive a small 1000 cc car for the environment's sake
and then exchange their own 3 litre Ford Scorpio for a 5 litre Mercedes (paid for by our taxes) because
a Scorpio isn't good, big and comfortable enough...., They mean "do as I say, don't do as I do."
Personally, I wouldn't even be found dead in such a small 1000 cc car they want to force us into.

6 All those environment freaks with their greenhouse effect and global warming hysterics.
10000 years ago we had an ice age here in Europe.
Do YOU really think the ice age went away because we drive cars and take showers?
From all carbon dioxide produced on earth less then 4 % is from human activities.
The rest is produced by mother nature herself.
Politicians raise the taxes and invent new environment taxes, not because they
think they can stop the global warming, if such a thing exists and is the result of us,
no, I think they want our money to pay themselves, and make declarations
for travels they never made and for work they never did on days they weren't present.
If they are confronted with their misbehaviour they say "hey, sorry, it was a mistake, I didn't know."
In my opinion : people who steal our tax money in this way, and say "I didn't know"
are not the right people to tell us what to do and let us pay more and more taxes.
Nobody gives a .... about my opinion, politicians luck.

7 Paying Dfl. 2.32 (1.1 US$) for 1 liter regular gas, this is about 4 US$ a gallon!!!
this amount is 23 % for the oil company and 77 % taxes. Besides this I have to pay
Dfl. 433 (200 US$) every three months for the road taxes, just because my car runs on gas.
However, when I drive my car on LPG, (which fuel is less harmful for the environment they say),
I have to pay almost double price for road taxes, Dfl. 750 every three months.
This is one of the reasons I think all those taxes have nothing to do with the environment
and everything with greed of the government. Now they make all the main roads around my city
toll roads (road pricing) so I have to pay Dfl. 7 everytime I go to work and come back.

UPDATE 11 january 2009, the above was several years ago, now we pay 1.25 Euro for a liter regular gas,
this is 6.20 US$ a gallon. (with an oil price of 40 US$ a barrel)

They say they want us to travel by bus, the busses which drove every 15 minutes now drive once an hour
and there are not enough busses for all working people so I think they rob us legally.

Overzicht van alle geslaagde ideeen en successen van Europarlementarier Hanja Maij Weggen
Overview of all successes and good things of Dutch European politician Mrs. Hanja Maij Weggen

Later we had Tineke Netelenbos, her ideas were even worse, she wanted to forbid cars older then 25 years old, we were lucky that her party, the PVDA, was destroyed with the elections, thanks to her.
In Kessel near Venlo, with Peter, took picture, Jan and Nico

In Kessel near Venlo, at Twan's restaurant, where you can eat the best
and biggest schnitsel with gipsy sauce

All kind of technical things interest me, although I didn't have a technical education,
I want to understand how things work and can repair and modify a lot of electronic stuff, cars, motorcycles,
mopeds and even a washing machine.
Things from the sixties and the seventies are my favourites, i've had a lot of
old american cars and have old two stroke motorcycles and mopeds from the sixties and seventies.
I like big cars (two door coupes) with V8 engines,
not for top speed, just the V8 sound, torque and acceleration.

When I was eight years old I rode a moped for the very first time, an old Sparta with JLO piano two speeds gearbox, I 'll
never forget I didn't know how to stop and underestimated the distance to stop, slipped and fell in the mud.
Neither the Sparta nor I were damaged and that day the 2 wheeler virus infected me.
I had several mopeds, after stripping the mud shields, taking away the exhaust and air filter I always had
a great off road machine, and when I was 16 I got a Zundapp, almost everybody in my neighbourhood
had Zundapp's, it's the best moped there is.
When I was 12 a friend of mine had a Yamaha YL1, 100 cc, two stroke-two cylinder, I think it was a '66
It was terribly fast and made a very attractive noise. This Yamaha impressed me a lot.
When I was 14 I saw a YL1 for sale, for 300 Dfl, I bought this bike and changed it into a semi off-road version.
I put a painted moped insurance plate on it and rode it like a moped.
I have 2 Yamaha YL1 for sale for 1100 Euro's

When I went to school with this motorcycle a boy said "what a strange kind of moped, it has two of all parts"
I had a lot of fun with this Yamaha but sold it to buy nice chrome stuff and tuning parts for my Zundapp when I
was 16 but couldn't forget the light two stroke-two cylinder sound and some years ago I bought a 1974
Yamaha RD200 two stroke-two cylinder, now I have a collection of Yamaha's
Zundapp's and a big three cylinder Suzuki GT 550.

Me on my Yamaha RD 200 and Peter on his Suzuki GT 125

My Yamaha RD 200 and I and Peter on his Suzuki GT 125

Rico, the son of a good friend of me

Rico, the son of Ruud, a good friend of me, now he's not so quiet anymore

Now some of the cars I have had. I like big cars as you can see.
Lots of people here in Holland prefer to drive a candybox, I don't.
Although I had a lot of cars with a six cylinder I always prefered cars with a V8.

My first car, a '69 Ford Mustang

My first car, a '69 Ford Mustang, click to see the 1980 newspaper what happened.
This was a 250 cubic inch, (4200 CC) six cylinder, three speed manual shift and about 140 HP.

My '68 Mustang.

The '68 Mustang i had, in the background my Ford taunus stationcar.

My '79 Mustang.

The '79 Mustang i had, a 5.0 V8, a real tiresmoker, i remember it always only smoked the left tire.

My '70 Dodge Challenger.

My '70 Dodge Challenger had a 7 liter V8 300 HP and absolutely no difficulties to smoke the tires.
See the rear wheels spin while the front wheels don't move.

My '70 Dodge Challenger.

It's the same car as in the movie "Vanishing point", it used some gas and burnt some oil, thats why I called it the "Texaco Horror".

My '70 Dodge Challenger.

Even Pommetje, my cat, liked this Dodge very much, he slept a lot on the roof and the hood.

My '73 Plymouth Scamp.

This was a '73 Plymouth Scamp, a friendly car, i gave some friends driving lessons in this car.

My '76 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

My '76 Oldsmobile Cutlass Saloon Coupe, very comfortable car with a V8 and a lot of electrical stuff in.

A Nissan 280 ZX two seater i had some years ago.

This Nissan 280 ZX two seater was a 2800 CC 5 speed manual shift.

A Nissan 280 ZX targa also had.

This Nissan 280 ZX targa was a 2800 CC 3 speed automatic.

A BMW i had some years ago

An old BMW 6 series I had some years ago, although it was only a six cylinder it was a pretty fast car.
I took the airbox / silencer of the air inlet, after that it screamed like a tuned motorcycle.

My 79 Ford Thunderbird

My '79 Ford Thunderbird Heritage edition targa, not very fast but very luxury.
It had a 5.6 liter V8 and weighed 2200 Kg.

My Mercedes

The '85 Mercedes 500 SEC has a 295 HP V8 5 liter injection, this car now drives around in Canada.

My Mercedes

It has a different acceleration from american V 8's, the torque starts at higher rpm.

My Mercedes

Top speed + 235 km/h, and it sticks to the road.

My Mercedes

0 to 100 km in 7 seconds, fast enough for an over 1600 kg car.

My 1969 Chrysler

My Chrysler 1969 cabriolet, very handy to transport an 125 cc Zundapp motorcycle on the backseat, sold it.

My 1969 Chrysler

At the IKEA meeting in Delft.

My BMW 850I

My BMW 850I 6 speed, 0 to 100 km in 6.5 seconds, this over 1800 kg car kicks ass, top speed is limited to 250 kilometers per hour.
I bought this car because I think a car fanatic needs to own a twelve cylinder at least once, this is a 6 speed manual transmission V12
This is the car I almost like best, it's next best to my 1990 old Mitsubishi L300 2.5 diesel van, which I like driving even more than the BMW 850.
Bigger picture   850I "Stationcar" version. (paintshop edition)

The BMW V12 5 liter injection engine

The BMW V12, 5 liter, 300 horsepower, injection, still very economic with fuel.

cleaned a little

Did a lot of cleanwork to make the wheels shine like this.

At the race circuit in Zandvoort

At the race circuit in Zandvoort, on the right side Pierre's black BMW 3.0 CSL, this beautiful car is for sale for a reasonable price.

One of the nicest cars I ever had.

I need to wash and clean this car before taking pictures, but I am too lazy for that.

350 CI V8, 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass coupe

1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass coupe, V8 5.7 liter, runs 2 kilometers on 1 liter gas, sold it.

my mobile gaprs webcam, mijn mobiele webcam 429 CI V8, 1968 Ford Thunderbird

My 1968 Ford Thunderbird, V8 7.02 liter, 360 HP, 650 Nm torque, imported from Switzerland.

429 CI V8, 1968 Ford Thunderbird

My 1968 Ford Thunderbird, now with wolfrace rims.

429 CI V8, 1968 Ford Thunderbird

My 1968 Ford Thunderbird, now cleaned a bit.

My 1968 Mercury Cougar with tuned 302 V8 and 4 speed manual transmission

My 1968 Mercury Cougar with 4 speed manual transmission.

My 125 cc Suzuki Cart

This is my Suzuki 125 CC two stroke 5 speed racing cart,
It's a lot of fun but also a lot of work to repair this thing everytime.

My 125 cc Suzuki Cart

My girl friend made faster times than I did, perhaps because I'm a bit too heavy.
I didn't want to stop eating good food so I sold the cart.

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Don't read next part if you like politicians

I'm very glad I left Delft because the politicians of Delft are a bunch of morons,
they dislike people with cars and they dislike people working hard to run their shops in the center of Delft.
They want the citizens to come by bike, If you go shopping by bike you cant take a lot with you,
if you want to go home you never know if your bike is still there, the police is too busy writing parking tickets
instead of chasing thieves.
They want to shut off the center of Delft for cars and raised the taxes on
advertisement for shops with 600 %.
If a shop wants to show the Dutch flag, the shopowner has to pay....
Last years most shops profit is reduced by 50 % and a lot of them are leaving Delft,
When you walk through the streets every second shop is empty and the windows are full with
advertisements that the empty shop is for sale / rent, nobody can run a shop when the politicians make it impossible,
so a lot of shops leave Delft and nothing comes back.
When there is a meeting to tell the shopowners what the new plans and rules are, the politician who decides most stupid things, Rick Grashof
is a big coward and doesn't show up, the spokesman who has to tell the new rules and plans can't answer questions that shopowners have, he can't say nothing
and not even answer the simplest questions and the shopowners are very angry of course
. The F...... politicians are still wondering why all shops want to leave Delft.
One politician said: "Let's raise the price of parking taxes again and make it Dfl 5,- an hour
so there are less cars, this makes Delft so beautiful that all people of the Delft region want to shop in Delft
and if we take away all parking places of Delft, the shops will make even more profit..."
Dream on you fool.., as long as you don't see all people go to other cities where they can park their car fo free
and nearby the shops.
Now he wants to force these other cities to introduce parking taxes.
because it's unfair competition from the other cities, he says.
This is the way the city politicians are killing the shops in Delft.

This happens in a lot of cities I hear from other people.
If you come from a foreign country I advise you to NOT visit Holland.
it is not always clear if you have to pay for parking your car, and if so,
you have to pay a lot for parking your car, and if the parking police,
most of them are very cruel people who like to see other people suffering,
they are soo dumb, arguing is of no use, they get off if they can write a parking ticket
and all they can say is things like "If you don't agree with this parking ticket write a letter to the minister"
and everybody knows miniters don't read letters because they are too busy thinking about
what next stupid rule or tax must be to make us, citizens of Holland, sick.
(one of them, Vermeend, has just decided in all of his wisdom, that if you have any days off from work left
at the end of a year, you have to pay taxes on them, so he wants us to pay extra taxes for days we don't work
but where we already payd for in the rest of the year when we worked, earning these days.)
gets your car while there is not paid enough for, you get a wheelclamp, so you cant
drive your car, first you have to take the bus to pay a 150 US$ fine at an office
at the other side of town, then return to your car and wait a long time for the
parking police people to remove the wheelclamp before you can drive.
All this can take up to three hours.


DO NOT VISIT HOLLAND because of the parking police.
If you rob an old lady from her welfare money the police doesn't catch you,
(priority 1, they are too busy writing parking tickets)
and if they do you don't get any punishment, but if you are not a crook, and you work
a lot to earn your money and drive a car, the Dutch government will steal your money legally.
and after the visit to Holland you never want to come back!!!!